PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED - B PAGE 1 OF 5 APPLICATION FOR VISITOR VISA TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA If you need more space for any section print out an additional page containing the appropriate section complete and submit it with your application. UCI I want service in Visa requested OFFICE USE ONLY Validated PERSONAL DETAILS 1 Full name Family name as shown on your passport or travel document Given name s as shown on your passport or travel document Have you ever used any other name e.g. Nickname...

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Who needs an IMM 5257E Form ?

The IMM 5257 Form should be used by individuals willing to apply for a visa to visit Canada. In fact, the necessity of filling out form IMM 5257 depends on the visitor’s country of residence. As for some countries, the Electronic Travel Authorization can be enough. This information is to be checked on this website.

What is IMM 5257E Form for?

The IMM 5257E Form is Application for Temporary Resident Visa Schedule 1. This application form aims to disclose information on the applicant’s military service involving any war crimes, associations with any criminal or political groups that promoted and used violence, and also any governmental positions held.

Is Application For Temporary Resident Visa Schedule 1 accompanied by other forms?

Applying for the Canadian visa is a tedious process as it requires preparing and submitting some important documents. The full list of the supporting documentation for every particular case can be checked here.

When is IMM 5257E Application Form due?

The application for Temporary Visa does not have a particular due date, as it should be filled out only when needed.

How do I fill out Canadian Visa Application Form?

If an individual is going to visit Canada together with their family, all the members over the age of 18 must complete this visa application form too.

The content of the form is self-explanatory enough; it contains a list of fields and boxes that must be filled out properly.

At the end, the applicant must sign and date the form.

Where do I send IMM 5257E Form?

The IMM 5257E Visa Application form should be sent to your local Canadian Visa office.

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Instructions and Help about canadian visa forms

First, we double click on google chrome browser Now, we write URL Click on english Click on "Find an application form" Click on "Come to Canada temporarily" Click on visitor visa Click on Instruction Guide of apply on paper Click on "Complete the application" Click on "Application for temporary resident visa" Click on download button Now, click on save button to finally download the form Open the downloads folder where you download the form This is the Canada Temporary resident visa form Select English in which you want service Select Type of visa you're requesting Enter your surname Enter your first name Put tick on no, if you do not have any other name Select your gender Enter your date of birth in the format of YYYY-MM-DD Enter your city or town Select your country Select your citizenship country Select your current resident country Select your resident status Put tick on no, if you do not live in previous countries as residents Put tick on yes, if you are applying from same country as of your residence country Select your current marital status Put tick on no, if you've never been previously married Select your native language or mother tongue Select the language you use most frequently Select your language of communication Put tick on no, if you've never taken a test from designated testing agency for proficiency Enter your passport number Select country from where you are issuing your passport Select the issuing date of your passport Select the expiry date of your passport Enter the street name of your mailing address Enter your city Select your country Enter your postal code Put tick on yes, if your residential address is same as above Select the correct purpose of visit to Canada Enter the dates you are planning to stay in CANADA Enter the funds available for your stay Enter the name of person you will visit Enter the relationship between you and him or her Enter his or her address in canda Put tick on no, if you do not have any post secondary education Enter the year and month from when you are employing Enter your current occupation Enter your current employer Enter the city where you are employing Select country where you are employing Put tick on yes or no after reading the basic questions related to your security and background Signature of the candidate is to be done here Write the date of application here